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What's Going on Behind Church Doors?

Published by Steven Masood - January 30th 2014

In the name of tolerance, peace, interfaith and multiculturalism, many Churches have opened their doors to a wave known as "coexistence" and “Chrislam”. In recent years, some Muslim scholars and activists have joined in to use all such efforts to their advantage by keeping their enemies close. Islam, like a Trojan horse, has entered some key congregations in the United States of America and is destroying from the inside, the Biblical foundation of many churches. In several churches with Muslim gatherings, passages in their prayers are read from the Qur’an and the Bible together to show that they are equal with each other. Christians refrain from reading those parts of the Bible which may seem offensive to Muslims, like Jesus being the Son of God, dying on the cross for our sins, and our only assurance.

To alert Christians of this deception, Jesus to Muslims has produced a leaflet that gives 10 simple reasons how Biblical and Islamic beliefs are not the same and that there cannot be a spiritual compromise. Throughout history, of both Muslims and Christians, we have seen that the closer Muslims follow the Qur’an, the more radical and hateful they become. In contrast the closer Christians follow the Bible, the more loving they become. This love demands that, instead of pleasing and compromising with Muslims and their beliefs, we should share the love of Jesus and the assurance of eternal life with them.

You may bulk order this leaflet here:

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