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Why do so many Muslims seem to hate America? There must be something wrong with us. How can we get them to love us?


For a Muslim according to the Islamic Shari’a, Islam is both state and religion (al-Islam ad-din wa dawla). This means that whatever Muslims see in the United States, whether in government or the way people behave, they consider as synonymous to Christian culture. Thus Christianity to them is: Hollywood, Baywatch, Madonna wearing a cross and Internet pornography. Christianity appears to be a license to sin.

When Muslims compare themselves to other religions on a purely legalistic scale, Christianity comes up short. They see Christians eat pork, drink and disobey dietary laws. Muslims only eat clean meat and refrain from pork products. Christians pray with dirty hands, yet Muslims conduct ceremonial washings (called ablution) five times a day in preparation for prayers. They hear and see Christian leaders fallen from grace (caught in adultery or financial embezzlement). For them it is easy to see Christians undisciplined and unfaithful to their church.

There are other political reasons also, however, the above are the number one stumbling blocks in our outreach to Muslims. Muslims are devout unto death. They live in a state of outward faith desperately attempting to appease their God with their good works. The fact is that they live under bondage. In comparison, Christians following the Bible, live in freedom both in faith and in practice in the USA. This is something that is not available to believers in Islamic countries.

So now we need to ask a new question and indeed it is not, ‘how can we get Muslims to love us?’ but rather, ‘How can we show Gods love to them?’ For further detail on this issue read: Bridge-points in outreach to Muslims

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