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Will it not be better that we should leave Muslims alone. All religions teach to be good. The best policy is to co-exist. After all, the Bible says he rains and shines his sun both on the good and wicked. If he is like that who are we to judge others?


According to the Scripture indeed God shines his sun both on the good and the wicked. However, the Bible also states that a time is coming when all will be judged. When it comes to eternal life and the matter of salvation, God has drawn the line. He wants even good and religious people to come to Him through Jesus. For example Cornelius was a good and God fearing man. Yet, he was asked by the messenger of God to send someone and ask for Peter. When Peter told him about the way of salvation, he and his family accepted Jesus (Acts 10). Elsewhere the Scriptures state that God has spoken in these last days through Jesus – period (Hebrews 1:1-2). God wants all to be saved. The word ‘all’ includes Muslims. Similarly when Jesus said to go into the world and preach the word, he meant ‘all’ and everyone. If there was another way to God or if the policy of co-exist with all sorts of ideologies, philosophies and idolism was right, God would not have bothered to send Jesus, his own  into the world to die for us as the only ransom.

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