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Biblical approach to the Islamic dilemma June 2017

On our recent trip, a Christian friend asked me to meet one of his Muslim friends who showed great interest in the Biblical Jesus, but believed that Islam was the message for today’s world. He had questions that, as an ex-Muslim, perhaps I could answer. I accepted the invitation. We had a five hour long conversation. The Muslim friend tried his best to present the way of Islam as the only answer to the world’s problems. I, on the other hand, referred to a greater problem (the heart) and how God has provided the answer – Jesus. He was referring to the Law of Moses and also the law of Muhammad to straighten the world out; I was referring to God’s grace and mercy that has come through Christ (John 1:17; Ephesians 2:3-9; Titus 3:4-7).

Love, Compassion & Mercy April 2017

In the USA, Muslims are putting together American Muslim Community Centers. To embark on helping poor people in the community, including non-Muslims, they plan on establishing food and medical centers. This sign, using a similar font and design as President Trump's campaign, advocates “Making America Great with Love, Compassion & Mercy.”

The Truth of the Matter

Does the Qur’an, the first hand authority for Muslims, instruct them to love and have compassion, and be merciful? Yes, it does but attached with conditions.  For example, when the question of mercy comes, the Qur’an states that Muslims should be merciful to each other but ‘ruthless to non-Muslims’ (Sura 48:29). 

As the Father has sent me, I send you December 2016

Dear Friend of Jesus to Muslims! We are so overwhelmed by the love shown to us by all of you through your prayers and practical help! We thank the Lord for His continuous presence in all circumstances. While some of our dear supporters departed us to join eternity and others left due to various reasons and responsibilities, many joined us at the last minute to uplift the calling of outreach and to share the gospel of assurance (Acts 17:3). We send you our warm Christmas Greetings and wish you a Happy New Year.

Where is the Light in America? August 2016

 The light of Christ shines brightest when all of God’s redeemed and born again children obey God’s Word, the Bible, the only unchangeable inerrant Word from God. God shows His true unconditional love by redeeming us, and we are each a witness for Jesus in this dark world by becoming His Light in the world once again.

Muslims' effort to enter paradise by prayer & fasting June 2016

Many Muslims devoutly fast (from dawn to dusk each day) during Ramadan. Ramadan takes place from June 6th to July 4/5th this year. In Islam, fasting is one of the five pillars of the faith. The traditions of Islam teach that during this month, Allah gives Muslims a chance to double their rewards towards Paradise. Muslims hope that on the Day of Judgment, their good deeds will weigh more than the bad, persuading Allah to grant them divine mercy to enter Paradise.


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