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Evangelistic Leaflets (BULK SET: 10 sets of 14 leaflets )



Bulk Set of Evangelistic Leaflets for you and to share with Muslims

This specially priced bulk set contains 10 sets of 14 leaflets for a total of 140 leaflets to share.

 A set of 14 leaflets dealing with questions asked by Muslims:

  1.  The Bible is changed: Really?
  2.  The Bible is abrogated: Really?
  3.  God has no wife.
  4.  God so loves you
  5.  The Great Sacrifice
  6.  One Gospel
  7.  Prophet like Moses
  8. Was Jesus for Israel only?
  9.  The story of Submission
  10.  Did Jesus promise Muhammad's coming?
  11. Who is God?
  12. Who is the Messiah?
  13. Grace, Mercy and Justice
  14. Where did Jesus ever say He was God?
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