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Wedding Preparation For Eternity: A Woman's Search For True Love

293 pages

Have you experienced broken relationships, pain and a broken heart time after time? Do you feel like nobody understands you? Are you looking for love in all the wrong places?

Karen Masood has been in your shoes and knows how you feel! God has wonderously transformed Karen's life, and He can do the same for you too! Through Karen's testimony she addresses the crucial topics.

  • A broken family life crying out for love
  • Looking for love in relationships
  • Abortions and the painful side effects
  • Trials of being a single Mom
  • Being discipled by godly Christian women
  • Why be sexually pure
  • True love worth the wait!
  • Danger in dating and marrying Muslim men
  • Preparing for Jesus Christ's return!

Karen Masood is a Biblical counselor and teacher/speaker. She is in full time outreach ministry with her husband. They share the message of hope with Muslims, educate Christians about what Islam really is and equip them to reach Muslims for Christ.

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