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What is the Christian's role when encountering Islam? (6 DVDs)

420 minutes

What is the Christian's rol when encountering Islam?. Speakers: Dr. Steven Masood, Pastor SteveHannet, Pastor Nouh Yattara, Karen Masood and Karen Adam. You will gain insight with a Biblical perspective of the Islamic religion. (Approx. 420 minutes – 6 DVDs - amateur videography)

Topics include:

  • Testionies Encuntering Healing, Grace and Mercy
  • The Great Commission and the Great Commandment
  • Facing Islamc Shari'a (Law)
  • Befoe you marry a Muslims
  • Key Islamic beliefs in comparison to Christianity (sample 40 minutes video is here:
  • Post 9/11 USA and a Biblical response
  • The role of women in Islam and reahing womemarried to Mslims
  • Key Bridge-points in outreach to Muslim friends
  • Response to spiritual questions Muslims ask
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