Do you know what Islam is all about? Do you know how to share Jesus with Muslims? God has brought 12 million Muslims to the USA. You will face them sooner than you think. Are you ready to share Jesus? The Bible tells believers to “always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have” (1 Peter 3:15).

“A Christian Response to Muslims”, taught by Dr. Steven Masood, will help you understand the Islamic faith and learn how to share Jesus with Muslims the Biblical way.

A seminar can also be tailored time-wise to your available schedule from 2 hours to 4 or more. Our aim is always that you and your church family will receive a good understanding of Islam and learn a Biblical approach to sharing the gospel with Muslims without fear.

Steven can also be scheduled to share his testimony or speak on an Islamic or Biblical topic in a one-time church service, fellowship or care-group.

Book Dr. Steven Masood for a seminar or speaking engagement online now.

6 hour Seminar

  • Islam: Faith and Practice: A Biblical Perspective
  • Key Islamic Doctrines in comparison to Christianity
  • The Two Faces of Islam
  • The Status of men & women in Islam - Marriage & Family
  • How to respond to spiritual questions Muslims ask
  • What are some key bridge points in ministering to Muslims?

12 hour Seminar

Includes all topics from the 6 hour seminar plus:

  • Why is there a militant side of Islam to kill and be killed?
  • Who is the God of Islam?
  • What is the status of men and women in Islam?
  • Do Muslims really believe in Jesus?
  • What does Islam say about Salvation and Judgment?
  • What are the key differences between Islam and Christianity? (extensive study)

Other topics include:

  • Testimony by Steven Masood: Why Jesus and not Islam? (Reasons for following Christ and not Islam)
  • Marriage and Family in the Qur'an, Ahadith and the Bible
  • Five pillars of Islam and Christianity
  • Shari'a - Islamic Law and the USA
  • Jesus and Muhammad: A Question of Submission
  • Jesus and Muhammad: A Question of Assurance
  • Conflict of the ages: Ishmael or Isaac? Jesus or Muhammad?
  • A Prophet like Moses: Jesus or Muhammad
  • The Comforter: The Holy Spirit or Muhammad
  • Mahdi, Jesus and the Anti-Christ in the last days - a Christian Perspective



We rely solely on the generosity of Christians. Travel expenses and a love offering for the ministry is very much appreciated.


‘The seminar Dr. Masood presented at our church, ‘A Christian Response to Muslims’, was one of the highest rate nded Wednesday night series in the twelve-year history of our church.’

John Marty Shea
Senior Pastor
Village View Community Church, Summerfield, FL

‘The seminars cover from the History of Islam to Sharing your faith effectively with Muslims. Dr. Masood’s experience and education combined make the seminar very interesting and valuable to anyone with a desire to learn more about this relevant topic. His passion to reach a lost world for Jesus is also evident as he shares his experiences.’

Art Dykstra
Associate Pastor Missions and Outreach
Calvary Chapel, St. Petersburg, FL

‘The session and the senior pastor … were pleased with the information and those who attended were educated and challenged to be more aware of the Muslim influx into our culture. Many positive comments were received.’

Ted Seymour
Ruling Elder
Searcrest Church (PCA), Delray Beach, FL

‘Dr Masood gave a fascinating presentation about his personal experience growing up in the Islamic faith and his ministry today in the US. His passion to reach a lost world for Jesus is also evident as he shares his experiences.’

Ron Hartley
Senior Pastor, 
Lady Lake Assembly, Lady Lake, FL