Our Mission

Our aim is to equip Christians in the USA to share their joy of knowing Christ with Muslims. This mission is not thousands of miles away. Around 6 million have made this country their home. There are a lot of misunderstandings in both camps and our desire is to help and train Christians to be able to confidently approach Muslims with the true message of Christ. Personal and friendly relationships open the door for discussion about spiritual issues and personal beliefs.

The foremost duty of Christians is to show Muslims the love of Christ. One need not have a PhD, not even be a high school graduate, or be an expert in evangelism to share the Gospel with Muslims. It is the availability that matters and it all starts with sharing the love of Christ. We believe that local churches and its members have the best opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus.

  1. Prayer changes things: Prayer is vital for effective ministry. Join Christians from around America in praying specifically for Muslims, and our Christian brothers and sisters working with Muslims, once a week.
  2. Training the body of Christ: Our one-day or weekend seminar on Islam and a Christian approach to Muslims provides a practical understanding of Muslims, as well as methods that any Christian can use to effectively communicate the Gospel.
  3. Outreach activities: We provide help and resources to Christians committed to sharing Christ's love and purpose with the Muslims around them.