Partner with us

ITL-USA, Jesus to Muslims is directed by a committee of dedicated Christians. They perform their responsibility as overseers in prayer and in maintaining funds for the ministry, Jesus to Muslims and its projects.

Your partnership makes every part of this ministry possible. Please pray with us that we will faithfully continue reaching Muslims with the message of Jesus and equip Christians about what Islam really is. To continue this ministry indeed we need your continuous support – both in prayer and financially:

  • To maintain and add materials to our website resources for Muslims ( and Christians (
  • To have the necessary facilities for answering questions by email and having discussions via Internet video multimedia, instant messaging and blogs
  • To provide help to Muslim seekers for Truth
  • To hold seminars on Islam with a Christian approach
  • To educate the public about radical Islam and security issues
  • To maintain day to day admin work
  • To provide free books and leaflets

Details of how you can support this mission financially can be found here