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Islam has 99 names for Allah, which they refer to as al-Asma-ul–Husna, “the beautiful names.” Many Muslims recite them for blessings in their lives. However, not one of them is "Father." I still remember the day, at age 13, when I received the gospel account of John in the Urdu language. I enjoyed reading it so much that I finished it in one day. I found that not only is Jesus different than what I was taught in Islam, but also God in his attributes is different. I knew God as our Rab, Lord, but not as Abba, Father. I didn’t come to accept what I learned in the Bible until later.

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During Q and A sessions after seminars on Islam and a Biblical approach, we are often asked questions such as: Why are there so many Muslims in the USA? Why are many Muslims interested in politics and influencing the USA? Why are a significant number of people converting to Islam?  Here is our response. ...

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In the same way Moses’s life is an example for the Jews to follow, Muhammad’s life is the example for a Muslim.  For example, a Muslim friend and I were about to share our thoughts on sin and forgiveness in Islam and Christianity when we were suddenly interrupted. Later that evening, he sent me the words of a prayer of forgiveness (see picture).

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