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A father’s dream: “We Muslims as you know believe in Jesus’ is coming back, but not like you do. Do you Christians believe it is time for his coming? My father this morning told our pir (elder/priest), that while in sujood (prostration) in his prayer on the rug in the night he went to sleep and saw a saintly person who people were saying was Jesus. He was looking towards a very big gate which my father understood was to the world and some angel beings were saying ‘Time is near’. Our Pir, although, agreed about Jesus but told me and my father not to tell any about the slogans my father heard from people and angels in his dream. They were ‘Glory to the overcomer, Messiah, the Awal and Akhir (First and the Last), Our Redeemer, Our Mediator. Please can you interpret this dream? I did not tell my father about sending you this so please send your reply on Monday as my father will be away. I do not want any trouble at this time ... 

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Islam has 99 names for Allah, which they refer to as al-Asma-ul–Husna, “the beautiful names.” Many Muslims recite them for blessings in their lives. However, not one of them is "Father." I still remember the day, at age 13, when I received the gospel account of John in the Urdu language. I enjoyed reading it so much that I finished it in one day. I found that not only is Jesus different than what I was taught in Islam, but also God in his attributes is different. I knew God as our Rab, Lord, but not as Abba, Father. I didn’t come to accept what I learned in the Bible until later.