He who fears God ...

One day as I was visiting a Muslim friend, we were deep in conversation in his drawing room when his ten-year-old son, Hussain, walked in. After formal greetings and introductions, my friend told me that Hussain was memorizing the Qur’an. He asked his son to recite a few verses for me. Obediently, Hussain correctly recited portions of the chapter he had memorized that day. However, my attention centered on the words of the repetitive passage of the Qur’an: Fattaaqullah wa atioon, So fear Allah and obey me (Sura 26:108,110,126 ff).

After the recitation, Hussain left us engaged in discussion on the subject of fearing God. We talked about it for quite a long time, discussing not only the Qur’an but also the Bible. My Muslim friend wanted to know what the prophets in the past had to say on such a subject. So, with the help of the index towards the end of the Bible we checked a few passages that have words ‘the fear of the Lord’.