Posted on: 04/19/2019
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During Q and A sessions after seminars on Islam and a Biblical approach, we are often asked questions such as: Why are there so many Muslims in the USA? Why are many Muslims interested in politics and influencing the USA? Why are a significant number of people converting to Islam?  Here is our response. ...

Posted on: 12/19/2018
Posted on: 08/25/2018

In the same way Moses’s life is an example for the Jews to follow, Muhammad’s life is the example for a Muslim.  For example, a Muslim friend and I were about to share our thoughts on sin and forgiveness in Islam and Christianity when we were suddenly interrupted. Later that evening, he sent me the words of a prayer of forgiveness (see picture).

Posted on: 04/19/2018
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On our recent trip, a Christian friend asked me to meet one of his Muslim friends who showed great interest in the Biblical Jesus, but believed that Islam was the message for today’s world. He had questions that, as an ex-Muslim, perhaps I could answer. I accepted the invitation. We had a five hour long conversation. The Muslim friend tried his best to present the way of Islam as the only answer to the world’s problems. I, on the other hand, referred to a greater problem (the heart) and how God has provided the answer – Jesus. He was referring to the Law of Moses and also the law of Muhammad to straighten the world out; I was referring to God’s grace and mercy that has come through Christ (John 1:17; Ephesians 2:3-9; Titus 3:4-7).