Be warned of the ‘Interfaith’ delusion that is about in the USA

By Steven Masood on 11/01/2018
Be warned of the ‘Interfaith’ delusion that is about in the USA

We are living in a time where in the name of tolerance we try to find something good anywhere and everywhere and whatever the situation may be. Mindful people claiming to be from various faiths in the USA, have established themselves into what is known as Interfaith dialogue. On the surface, when you look at it, you find that in the forefront Judaism, Christianity and Islam as ‘Abrahamic faiths’ and not as Judeo-Christian faith is presented. They claim that ‘The Torah, the New Testament, and the Quran all contain exceptional teachings instructing us to love God, to love one another, and to care for all people.’ Then they go a little further, stating that it is ‘crucial… that we honor both the universal as well as the particularly exclusivist teachings of each of our faith’s traditions.’ ( Although as a Christian, I have no problem with such statements, what I find is that many Muslims on these “Interfaith committees” are actually using the forum to their own propagation agenda, while the prominence of salvation through Jesus is shunned by them and many of the pastors and reverends attending these meetings just keep quite in the name of so-called ‘tolerance’ not even pointing out their reservation of the matter.

In these interfaith dialogues while it is talked how badly Muslims are treated in America, we hear rarely Muslims and other raising their voices on what goes on in Muslim majority countries against Christians, in losing their lives and belongings. In fact in the name of ‘Interfaith’ Muslims hold meetings in churches and synagogues to convince non-Muslims how good the Islamic ideology is. They go to the extent to invite attendees to perform some of the rituals and even are given Islamic polemic material showing that it is not Christianity, but Islam that should be followed.

As far as being loving and kind to each other that is indeed Biblical, but to allow a Muslim on a church platform to go on to do Islamic evangelism, is not Jesus, but Muhammad who is presented to be followed. Such a notion is a total negation of the gospel which declares that Jesus is the only way unto Salvation.

If you love Jesus and accept him as the only Savior, then it is of utmost importance that you, as his follower, should draw a line and state – this far is fine, but not beyond Biblical values. State clearly indeed I have to love as the Lord loves, but when it comes to the matter of Salvation, even God has drawn the line. There is only one name under heaven through whom we can be saved. He is Jesus. Be warned. The Scriptures is quite clear and warns us of ‘no other gospel’ to be accepted.