Steven Masood’s response to the following question: ‘As a Muslim I see Christmas tree and Christmas eve celebration as pagan rites. You used to be a Muslim, how do you now as a Christian make room for such a pagan celebration?’

Did Jesus promise Muhammad's coming? Why do Christians believe that the promise is not about Muhammad but about the Holy Spirit and that the promise was fulfilled in the lives of the first disciples?

Deuteronomy 18:15-19 is the passage in the Bible most often cited by Muslims as a prophecy about Muhammad. A short response here is presented. A lengthy and detailed response is given by the author in his book, Jesus or Muhammad? A Question of Assurance.

The Islamic gospel about Jesus has flaws and its scattered pieces do not fit in the picture frame the Bible has. Jesus is not coming back to establish a united state of Islam for Muslims, but he is coming for those who are his and to establish the new heaven, the new earth, and the new Jerusalem (Revelation 21).

The traditions of Islam teach that during the month of Fasting, God gives Muslims a chance to double their reward giving them more favorable chance to get into paradise. In Muslims thinking Salvation is based on works, and there is still no guarantee.  If a Muslim is asked of the assurance, the answer usually is: ‘Inshallah’ meaning ‘if Allah wills.’  What should we as believers in Christ may do for Muslims? You may also like to read a deeper article with a Biblical perspective on this subject here: