Be aware! Islam uses Judeo-Christian vocabulary but uses its own dictionary. Important factors of belief in God, the Scriptures, Abraham and Jesus are compared. Islamic idea of Jihad, salvation and eternal life is evaluated in the light of the Christian Scriptures.

Some say Islam means peace, others claim it means submission. Some claim Islam excites its adherents to be peaceful, yet other accuses it for exciting terrorism. While in the USA, Muslims preach to be peaceful with all other faiths, why Muslims in the rest of the world persecute non-Muslims? Is there a stealth agenda behind all this?

Steven Masood shares his thoughts on how to respond to some questions Muslim friends ask about our Christian faith: 1. Do you believe in Muhammad and the Qur’an? 2. I believe in Jesus as a prophet of God, why can’t you believe in Muhammad as the final prophet? 3. Why don’t you become a Muslim? 4. Why do you believe in three gods? 5. How can Jesus be the Son of God? 6. Jesus was not really crucified. 7. The Bible has been altered, corrupted. 8. Why is Jesus the only way?

Khalifa in Islamic terms is the civil and religious leader of a Muslim state, considered to be a representative of God on earth. On the other hand his system to rule is called 'Khilafa'. Many radical Muslims believe a Khalifa will unite all Islamic lands and people, as well as subjugate the rest of the world to Islam. Do you know that in the light of the Bible, Christians do not have to choose a Khalifa or an Imam? God has already chosen one -- Jesus the Messiah.

A Biblical fear of God, for the believer in Christ, includes understanding how much God hates sin. The fear of God has several results. We avoid evil (Proverbs 16:6). God delights in us and extends His mercy through Christ (Psalm 147:11; Luke 1:50).