Khalifa in Islamic terms is the civil and religious leader of a Muslim state, considered to be a representative of God on earth. On the other hand his system to rule is called 'Khilafa'. Many radical Muslims believe a Khalifa will unite all Islamic lands and people, as well as subjugate the rest of the world to Islam. Do you know that in the light of the Bible, Christians do not have to choose a Khalifa or an Imam? God has already chosen one -- Jesus the Messiah.

A Biblical fear of God, for the believer in Christ, includes understanding how much God hates sin. The fear of God has several results. We avoid evil (Proverbs 16:6). God delights in us and extends His mercy through Christ (Psalm 147:11; Luke 1:50).

Book Summary

Jesus or Muhammad: A Question of Assurance (314 pages)

Two people have radically influenced the world: Jesus and Muhammad. One name invokes some people to love their enemies. The other name invokes some people to hate those who insult that name. However, movements in the West with varying agendas, infatuated with words like “co-exist,” “tolerance,” and “inclusivism,” shove all the key differences between faiths under a rug 
without any discussion over them. Yet History and Experience tell us that it is good to freely talk about differences in order to understand each other’s faith.

Steven Masood examines how followers of Jesus and followers of Muhammad use different dictionaries for the definition of peace, love, grace, and mercy. He delves into the Bible and the Qur’an, investigating how both present the creation and the patriarchs. While the Bible stops with
Jesus and his disciples, the Qur’an brings Muhammad on the scene.

Masood deals sensitively with questions like:

· Is the Qur’an the continuation of the Bible?
· Did Jesus promise the coming of Muhammad?
· Is Jesus or Muhammad the “final messenger” with the authority of assurance from God?
· What guidance was promised to Adam, to restore him and his progeny to God?
· If Jews, Christians, and Muslims believe in the same God, why the different messages?

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Steven Masood was born into a sectarian Muslim family. He set out on a journey to be a real orthodox Sunni Muslim. He embraced main line Islam. However, there were still a lot of questions to be answered. The major one was: A Question of Assurance. This clip is from an interview with Sharon and Herman show. To obtain a free copy of the complete interview, write to: [email protected].

A Christian response to Muslim's claim that the comforter mentioned in the Gospel of John is Muhammad.