Why Muslims want to annihilate Israel? It is not just one Muslim country but the majority of practicing Muslims want the total destruction of the Jews and in many cases Christian too. The only option to be spared of this is to convert to Islam. In the background of this lays the example of what the Qur’an states and what Muhammad said and did.  There is a way we can use to help Muslims to stop their hatred?

Both Muslims and Christians pray for forgiveness. So what’s the difference between believers in Jesus asking for forgiveness and Muslims asking God for forgiveness?

The Law was given through Moses but grace and truth is available through Christ

Grace, Mercy and Assurance available through Jesus the Messiah

Be aware! Islam uses Judeo-Christian vocabulary but uses its own dictionary. Important factors of belief in God, the Scriptures, Abraham and Jesus are compared. Islamic idea of Jihad, salvation and eternal life is evaluated in the light of the Christian Scriptures.